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Do you want to get off to a good start straight away? Then this set offers you all the options you need to get started!

The complete set ‘My World Complete’ consists of:

  • The world map of ‘My World’ (size 100×70 cm)
  • A practice card deck (42 cards with more than 80 neural exercises)
  • A manual
  • A set of hand-painted figures
  • A set of stickers (8 stickers per symbol, 310 stickers)

‘My World’ is a very attractive way to work with children and adolescents based on the polyvagal theory. You place the table model on the table and help to gain insight into the autonomic state of the child with just a few words. On the world map you will find safe and unsafe routes. The symbols on the map correspond to symbols on the practice cards. With the help of the exercises you provide safe signals to the nervous system so that it can travel safely on the map. The exercises are based on the portals to the nervous system, including movement, breathing, senses and connection (co-regulation).

You can easily grab the figures. You can walk your familiar route, but you can also plan a new route.

The world map is rollable and made of PVC banner. It is removable and can take a beating. The map comes in a handy storage tube.

The doll set consists of five hand-painted wooden dolls (two large and three small). The nervous system is depicted on each figure. The dolls are delivered in a hand-printed linen bag.

Do you work with the table model of ‘My World’? Children often like to mark the place where they are on the map with a stick figure. We often put an entire family on the map. After all, parents and siblings also have a nervous system. These nervous systems influence each other. An important principle of the polyvagal theory and ‘My World’ is to work on co-regulation. By paying attention to the nervous systems of the caregivers, you draw attention to co-regulation and turn working with ‘My World’ into a systemic intervention.

After ordering the basic set, you will receive a digital worksheet, so that you can give the child a world map and indicate which exercises they can do at home to make it easier to find the green area. If desired, you can indicate the exercise with a sticker of one of the symbols on the practice cards. You can also use the stickers to help the child remember how to perform an exercise, for example by sticking them in a place where the exercise is desired (e.g. a table at school).

On the world map of ‘My World’ you will find 31 symbols that correspond to the symbols on the practice cards. You will receive 8 stickers per symbol. The sticker set therefore consists of 248 stickers (31×8). The stickers are round and have a diameter of 3 cm.

The costs of the set include shipping costs and exclude tax and any import duties.


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Combinatie tafelmodel (100x70cm) en vloemodel L (240×170 cm), Combinatie tafelmodel (100x70cm) en vloermodel M (180x130cm), Tafelmodel (70×100 cm), Vloermodel L (240x170cm), Vloermodel M (180x130cm)

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