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My World develops therapy materials and training to use the polyvagal theory in a practical and playful way in treatment with children, adolescents and their caregivers. With the help of My World, children and adolescents can work on more safety, regulation and resilience.
The basic set of My World consists of a world map, a practice card deck (containing more than 80 neural exercises) and a manual (58 pages). In addition to the therapy material, My World also offers training to professionals, aimed at working with the polyvagal theory with children, adolescents and their families.

On the world map, the three autonomic states of the autonomic nervous system, as described in the polyvagal theory, are shown in three areas. The green area where you feel safe and connected (ventral vagal state). The orange area in which you have a lot of energy, you want to move and you are ready to fight or flee (sympathetic state). And the ice blue area, where you have very little energy and you feel empty and disconnected (dorsal vagal state). Using the world map, the child only needs a few words to indicate in which area the child is located.

On the map you will find safe and unsafe routes to travel within and between areas. To help the child travel safely and find its way to the ‘green area of ​​calm and together’, ‘My World’ contains a practice card deck with more than 80 exercises. The exercises show the nervous system a safe route. We often cannot change how we feel with words. Therefore, the exercises focus on other entrances to the nervous system. It’s about breathing, movement, senses, reflection and connection with others. Through practice, awareness and repetition, you use the positive message of neuroplasticity. This way the nervous system can explore new paths and experience increasing calmness and safety. As a result, you can find the green area more easily and you can stay there longer. And honestly, who wouldn’t want that?

For our international colleagues

In 2023, My World was received very enthusiastically by our colleagues in the Netherlands. We are therefore very proud that a year later we can introduce all our international colleagues to the English version. You can find the English materials in our webshop. Please take a look at our other pages and be inspired by our blogs. You can use the translate button to read these pages in your own language.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at We would like to hear from you!

Purpose of My World

The purpose of My World is to help children, adolescents en their caregivers gain more insight into the functioning of their autonomic nervous system and its protective responses.

My World offers therapists material to work with in a body-oriented and practical way in treatment with children, adolescents and their families based on the polyvagal theory.

Ann (14 years): ‘ It is very clear and pleasant to work with the map. It works better for me than just talking about it.’

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