Package table model My World in English

We are working on a translation of the manual and the practice cards of My World. Let us know your interest via the contact form. Then we will contact you as soon as we can deliver the English version.
The total package of the table model consists of:
• The world map of ‘My World’ measures 100 x 70 cm
• A card set with the practice cards (42 cards with more than 80 exercises)
• The manual
The tabletop model is a very attractive way to work with children and young people. On the world map you can possibly mark the place of your inner world at that moment with dolls. You can walk your familiar route, but you can also map out a new route.
The world map can be rolled up and made of PVC material. It is removable and can take a beating.
Costs of the total package include VAT and shipping costs

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